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Concrete Grades

iBM ready-mix concrete Co. Ltd supplies grades; (Grade 20), (Grade 25),
(Grade 30), (Grade 35), and (Grade 40) ready-mix Concrete
Product Name Key features and specifications Benefits Applications
Fibre Concrete Polypropylene microfibres All grades Slump - 100mm +/-25

Steel Fibres: All grades - 20 kg min, Slump - 75 +/-25 (Dosage will depend on specifications)
Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking

Replaces the secondary steel (mesh) reinforcement in floors
For non-structural slabs on the ground, such as driveways

Structural slabs on ground
Early Strength Concrete All grades, Slump - 75mm to 90mm +/-25, Strength - 18MPa a t 72 hours from last concrete delivered

Strength - more than 10MPa at 24 hours or more than 20MPa at 72 Hours

Rapid strength development using calcium aluminate binder, Min. 400kg/m3 cement and w/c below 0.4

Achieves 18MPa at 72 hours, for post tensioning

Gain time on job site

Can achieve minimum 30MPa at 8 hours

Precast, building construction using formwork involving post tensioning

Horizontal and vertical applications

Airport runways / Road repairs / Emergency repairs to any concrete structure

Flowable Concrete All grades, Sump - 160m to 200mm, special admixture ensures slump retention for 90min, Reduced shrinkage, aggregates 26mm or less

Flow over 640mm with 2 hours slump retention, viscosity 6 to 8 seconds with 0 funnel, Aggregates: 13mm or less Mix formulated for horizontal applications

Flow over 640mm with 2 hours slump retention, viscosity 6 to 8 seconds wiht 0 funnel, Aggregates: 13mm or less, Mix formulated for vertical applications

Flowable concrete from the plant to the job site, addition of extra water must be prevented, better finishing (less bleeding, less cracks), better workability and easier to cast

Easy to place and finish (will require technical assistance)

Easy to place and finish (will require technical assistance)

Pumping in horizontal applications, such as slabs or driveways, vertical formwork applications

Used for floor slabs and toppings, can be pigmented, necessity of curing with a Lafarge curing compound

Difficult access areas, congested reinforcing, specialised repairs, architectural finishes, necessity of curing with a Lafarge curing compound

Waterproof Concrete Spec to suit requirement, using Xypex admixture, Min. c/w=1.9 Min. cementitious 300kg/m3, Site control very important, All contracts to be discussed with Xypex For high spec waterproof requirements, warranty provided if Xypex site service is used Water tanks, basements, floor slabs, decks
Pool Concrete Semi-dry concrete specially designed for handpack operation (slump below 75mm), can add polypropylene fibres Quality and consistency of the concrete Lining swimming pools and ponds
Foam Concrete Low density 1200-1500kg/m3 or 1600-1800kg.m3 concrete with a compressive strength of 3 to 5MPa Low density concrete allowing easy removal if necessary Trench, tank reinstatements, non structural insulations
Light Concrete Light weight 25MPa concrete, perlite or polystyrene beads used to achieve a density below 1100kg/m3 Light weight concrete Lightweight work
Industrial Floor Concrete High strength, low shrinkage concrete freatures reduced curling, with of without fibres, Min. strength 30MPa, achieves flatness less than .045 micron/Lm, slump 75mm, Cement min. 310kg/m3, Max. 20% extender, W/C max 0.53 High performance concrete Industrial floors
Aqua Concrete Underwater concrete mixed to suit job specification, Min. 30MPa Under water application Under water construction
Piling Concrete Dry or semi dry piling mix, 30MPa

30Mpa Tremmie mix for piling applications, slump - 180mm to 220mm

30MPa Grout mix, 20 sec flow through a Marsch Cone

Specialised piling mix for dry applications

Ease of placement with Tremmie pipes

Used where pumping grouts is an advantage




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